Lazy Day!

I am totally having a lazy day! All I’ve done is play online!
I haven’t cleaned, wait.. I did do a load of laundry. And I’m starting to wish I had taken a nap with my DD.
It’s Friday and I really start to wind down, but I had such high hopes this morning for what I was planning to do!
I really need to clean up from the “homemade playdough”that I made the other day. I cleaned up from MAKING it but the tv tray they were playing with it on needs to be wiped down. Sounds like a pretty simple thing huh…? Yeah I know. Couple it with the laundry that has been washed and folded (several times since it’s a game to my kids to knock it over), but not put away yet. It takes sooo long to look in every pair of “big girl panties” to see if it’s a 2T or a 4T…
I wanted to make cookies or brownies today. I knew it was Friday and I’d be tired by 2 so I didn’t bother. I’ll make them Sunday, that’s a good day for brownies 🙂
I know that part of the problem is that I don’t get any “mommy down time”. I can go craft any time I want to but they girls will follow me. The oldest just wants to do what I’m doing, and I can’t do it myself if I’m having to help her do hers as she’s not old enough to really do it herself…. and this is supposed to be “my time”?
I don’t even get to blog all by myself. My laptop is in the living room so that no one thinks I’ve abandoned them…
in need of motivation,