How will we make it???? HA HA HA

Well, I think I blew up the microwave last night! All I was doing was melting some butter, something I do ALL THE TIME… it’s not like I filled it full of metal shrapnel!
It wasn’t just sparking either… that little metal plate on the side had a bizarre glow behind it, bright as the sun AND there was a vulgar smell coming from it! I think there may have been smoke, honestly I am smart enough NOT to wait around for it to catch my kitchen on fire. I pushed stop and went about melting my butter on the stove.

This is what I get for opening my big mouth the other day talking about how I could remember when you had to reheat leftovers on the stove! Back when you actual but Chef Boy R Dee in a pot and you had to wait to eat…. I guess I’ll have to break out my whistling tea pot now, and start googling “how to reheat food without destroying it” articles. What a bummer…

My DH tried to buy me a new one for my birthday. I didn’t let him for two very good reasons:

1. He had also bought me a new set of pots (which I LOVE cuz I can cook stuff still frozen in them)
2. I didn’t feel like standing in Walmart like a couple of idiots continuing the fuss over which one to get.
3. The ones at Walmart were about the same size as the one I have now (or had ). The wattage was bigger but the actual oven wasn’t, and I really wanted one that was physically bigger, something that can hold more than a bag of microwave popcorn would be lovely.

I guess I know what I’ll be getting for Christmas! HA Unless I find one in the paper or at a yard sale I’m going to be “roughing it” till at least then. Both of our children have birthdays between now and then, so budget is squeaky tight till spring.

I can’t believe I have become so attached and dependent on this stupid contraption. UGH