No To Do List!

I have about a million and one things to do. And every morning I make a to do list, even if it’s just in my head. EVERY morning! I’m tired, so I’m taking a time out. Today I’m just going to do nothing.
Well, not nothing, but I’m only going to do what I feel like doing at that moment. Once the kids get here I know I’ll have to do certain things like feed them. But in the meantime Momma’s gonna play. My Mr.  and I watched a VHS movie this morning we didn’t even remember we had. Oddly enough, shortly after I decided to make it a “no to do list” day I started feeling the urge to pick up a few things. I think I’ll craft instead. I have all this new quilling paper and I’d like to use it! Not to mention, picture day at school is this week and Doodlebug needs some new hair bows for the picture, something that will match her new pink dress.
I really wish I could remember where I heard that scratching stuff off of a to do list sends an adrenaline rush.. maybe it was Oprah… probably Dr. Oz. I think it’s true though. I do feel good when I mark stuff off. Sometimes I make a big one and share it with my Mr.  and it becomes a competition. Everyday shouldn’t be big list of to do’s. I’m missing out on too much constantly focused on what I haven’t gotten done yet. I get so frustrated when everyone interrupts and gets in my way. By five o’clock I am so cranky b/c I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done, even if I have done quite a bit. So for today I’m stopping… I’m going to do something for mom. I can clean up next week, maybe if I play today, regroup, refresh, decompress, I’ll get more done come Monday….

One thought on “No To Do List!

  1. Nunnie's Attic says:

    Saturdays are always a puzzler. Do you work on the things that didn’t get done during the week or bask in the glory of the things that did?? I say take a moment or 20 and stop to smell the roses, make a pretty pink bow and enjoy the day!

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