My babies door organizer! Finally Done!

I’ve only been trying to finish this silly project for two weeks. No pattern, just my imagination, all I wanted was an over the door “something” that could hold their shoes and hats and gloves. I’ll try to post a picture of it after church today. It’s not fabulous, but it does the job, and it looks alot better than the one I made for the bathroom. The back is almost the complete length of the door and the front goes down to the door know. I was going to spruce it up with a pocket on the front and some cute buttons and bling but it never happened.

I was also able to use the scraps to make them a bow board for their hair bows. My oldest daughter had been wanting one ever since I made one for my cousin. I would have gotten more done on my “no to do list day” but I decided to watch a movie with DH and that made me sleepy. I laid around until it was time to go next door for a viewing of “Facing the Giants“.

I think today I’ll make a few final hair bows, and then list my excess ribbon on auction, along with some other craft supplies that just need to go. I have way too much. It makes it easy to just do almost any craft I find online that strikes my fancy, but there’s really no need to hold on to all of this.

At least their shoes are in one place, and the mittens are up so high that they can’t take them down and lose them. That was my goal, and I had been feeling terrible that it wasn’t finished yet. Pictures will come soon…. TTYL, MTD

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