My kids are scared of my broom and my hefty bags!

So yesterday me and a bunch of moms started on a mission to tidy up our houses! Some of us are doing certain things each day, some of us are just trying to get something done! I’m using my little 15 minute egg timer trick and was aiming to do 15 minutes in each room each day.

Well yesterday I did 15 minutes in the four most important rooms (living room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom) and took a time out. I had about five hundred loads of laundry to do, because I was washing all the sheets and blankets, and I couldn’t finish the rooms until that was done. All was going well until my DD came home from school.

The game plan was to let her do her homework, play for a bit and have a snack, and at 5 o’clock we would do 4 more 15 minute rounds (kitchen again, their room, my room finish it, and a quick sweep of the whole house to pick up what had been taken out so far). Which meant that around 6 or 6:15 we should be able to start fixing dinner for Daddy, who would be home about 7 or 730.

This is what it started out looking like (please no gasps!).

Then there was THEIR room!

Oh my goodness! It really wasn’t as bad as it looked…. most of it was blankets and stuffed animals. So I started the egg timer, which my kids are very familiar with, and told my oldest DD that I didn’t expect her to clean it ALL up ALL by herself, but she had to show me she was trying. I even gave her a list of what to start with first: Blankets on the bed, Stuffed animals on the bookshelf, Shoes in the shoe organizer on the door….

While “their” timer was running, I used the fifteen minutes to pick up the living room and finish folding all the laundry…

much better don’t ya think? I’d love to clear out that bookshelf, but that’s another day. And if DH doesn’t do something with that trunk of baseball cards soon I’m gonna throw them out in his garage!

But I digress…. where was I, OH YEAH! We were listening to some really fun music, dancing around and cleaning when I realize… I’m the only one cleaning… So I go get the hefty bag. I started at their door and started filling the bag with anything on the floor and out of place.

Of course they both go nuts. I paused, and asked them if they were ready to start picking up their toys. Sniffling, they both agree, and I moved on to start in the kitchen. I didn’t make it very far… I barely had my back turned and they were playing again. I went in and sat down, and tried directing their cleaning a little… they are young, so momma will give them a little hand… I’m not a total meany! About ten minutes into they started goofing off again, with me sitting RIGHT THERE! So I retrieved my secret weapon: the broom… that room was going to be clean if it killed me…. I started sweeping anything on the floor out into the hallway till we had this:

Clean floor!

toys in hall!

Momma’s Bag O Toys!

They went nuts again!!! I
told them they still had time to get them out of the “trash” pile… but that the toys that were in the bag we’re going to have to be earned back. At one point my baby girl actually turned around, and said (with her butt turned toward me) “My booty says your a meany pants!”.

They were still putting up a fight when Daddy got home… but the room got clean. The kitchen didn’t get clean, my room only got clean enough for us to sleep in it, and dinner was a “quick fix” meal but at least their room was clean…

It’s almost 9 am here on Tuesday… about 1030 Baby Girl and I will start our 15 minute run again… I hope today goes better!