Just how many towels does 4 people need? UGH!

I have had a terrible time with utilizing my linen closet… we have towels and sheets everywhere!

It’s stuffed so much we can’t even close the door. My dishtowels are in a tub in the kitchen.. I haven’t seen my vacuum cleaner bags in months! So taking the advice from some friends I’m finally going to tackle this closet!

Anything with stains… .GONE
Anything with tears, strings, holes…..GONE
Anything for a bed that we don’t have anymore….GONE
Baby bibs? hellloooooo we don’t need them anymore…. GONE

It took me two hours to refold everything and get them folded up to fit inside these 10x18inch shelves. I had to cut myself a 10×9″ template from posterboard to help get them folded to the right size….

I took the flat sheets and the fitted sheets and put them and the second pillow case inside the first pillow case so that now all I have to do is pull out the “package” and it’s all right there. PERFECT!

Here’s what I started with:


after refolding and sorting… this is what i have… (these shelves are 10″ by 18″… didn’t give me alot to work with…


for goodwill or salvation army… some of them are still okay….

then i added the sheets… we don’t have that many that are in my way… i do have a different closet that I can’t get to that has a bunch in it, but thats a different challenge!!

Not too shabby! My husband is going to flip out when he see’s this… I think tomorrow I’ll tackle the bookshelf…

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3 thoughts on “Just how many towels does 4 people need? UGH!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very Nice i did that to my clothes closet last week i gave away 5 bags of clothes i couldn;t wear that i was hanging on to. ugg it made me sick lol
    but my closet looks much better.

    Rebekah aka bekdcan(cafemom)

  2. Craftbits.com says:

    I wish someone would come and clean my closets, I am 35 weeks pregnant and my mother in law is coming to stay for 12 weeks, I cant physically do it myself, but I know if it doesnt get done then critic’s will be made.

    arghhh MIL… arent they fun

  3. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    Rebekah That is awesome! I could probably get rid of that many. I have to resort what I pull out of my closet and try to remember if any of it was passed down to me ( so that I can pass it back)…. I REALLY need to do that… maybe this week if I start feeling better…

    Crafts–I can totally feel your pain with your MIL honey! It seemed the further along I got the more she thought I should have been able to do. Any chance you could sneak in a “one day maid” just to get a few tough things done?

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