No, I haven't been too busy cleaning to blog…

That whole thought is hysterical!

Big apologies to all, but Momma Tader Doodles here is having her “few bad days” with her little friend… ain’t no cleaning going on at all!

Well, I did turn the dryer on, but I don’t think that really counts as much. We had a busy day on Thursday trying to get to school, get picked up from school early for dr. appt., rush to old dr. to pick up shot records, sprint to new dr. (btw, i forgot to get directions which made it a bit tricky), haul everyone out of the car as they whine about getting shots, only to find out the dr’s office had been trying to call me to cancel because dear doc had an emergency… yeah!

Not wanting to waste gas, we went to get groceries instead. It was in the grocery store that the inevitable case of cramps kicked in (sometime during the process of taking my newly potty trained three year old to the potty for the SECOND time). The pain had really come full swing about the time I pulled into the driveway and was faced with getting all those frozen veggies into the house before they cooked right there in the trunk!

I scrambled to take four motrin, appease my children by throwing fruit chewies at them like they were the family dogs, and shove large quantities of frozen veggies into a freezer already slam packed with the “door to door salesman” steaks we were convinced to buy last month.

I was in no mood to cook, clean, bathe, blog, or do anything else that required me being upright and more than semi-conscious. I’m sure this was one day the girls were very, very happy to see Daddy come home.

Today the sniffles started… don’t know where they came from. So I haven’t been able to focus for the pressure in my face. I’ll be back before the holiday is over though! Promise! I’m not going to let a “hubby’s day off” get by without something getting done! Time to dig out the Round Tuits and hand out a “Honey Do” List!