It took less than one day….

Unbelievable! Really, I mean, how can you tell me day after day that the world (our house in particular) does not revolve around me? and my ability to keep it up? How dare anyone say I don’t keep my house up….. or that I’m a slacking wife. Anyone who thinks that should see my house today!

I’ve been sick since late Thursday, I was doing O. K. but not great… things were definitely slow going. By Friday night, things weren’t as kept up as I had been doing BUT it was still relatively clean in here. Then DH came home, followed by the kids (who spent Friday night with the IL’s). It’s now late Monday afternoon, and my house is a wreck!

Why? Because no one knows how to keep it up but me! Now, DH has cooked food, and he let me rest. But no one steps up to the plate and does my job when I’m out of the game. Even though, when the summer is hot, and he’s working late, I step up and hold up his end by mowing the grass etc. My dishwasher hasn’t even been run, the laundry is just piling up and piling up. Every pot and pan in the house is dirty. The trash can is beyond full…

I’m not feeling much better either, I was hoping it would be going away by now. Even if I felt perfectly 100% tomorrow morning it would still take me at least two days just to fix the destruction of this weekend!

I stopped being a housecleaning momma for less than one day and it’s a mess! This should stand as proof that if it weren’t for this momma then this house would not even look as good as it normally does. I DO WORK at home! It may not be spotless everyday, but apparently it takes A LOT just to keep it up! If I sat on my tail everyday then it would look like this all the time!

Even if I feel poopy again tomorrow, I’m going to challenge myself to do at least 2 15 minute runs at cleaning up! I should be able to knock out some dishes and start some laundry, and get the junk out of the living room….

Anyone have any ideas on how to set my house up to care for itself when “mom” goes out of commission for a few days? I would LOVE to hear them!