A tough heart to heart with My momma….

Well, that was a fun phone call. I love my mom, always have always will. I can forever count on her to tell me like it is when I really need to hear it. I was telling her about how annoyed I was at the lack of upkeep my family did while I was sick. She listened earnestly then broke bad on me… reminding me that this is MY house and that it was MY responsibility to teach those who live in it what kind of behavior is intolerable (i.e. don’t be throwing your paper plate on the floor when your done.. pick it up and put it in the trash can).

Among the list of “things standing in my way of a clean house” was my mad pack rat habit (and my hubby’s). Many of the things we have are hand me downs (family stuff) that has sentimental value. Well, I’ve had enough, she got me psyched up and I’m ready to clean house! Even it’s it is a little at a time while I’m still sick. Here was her idea:

Get tubs (like sterlite or rubbermaid from walmart) or boxes and mark them “for my next house” and then break out the garbage bags. Take it on room at a time and if I really just emotionally can’t handle letting it go then it goes in a tub. Otherwise, if I don’t use it or haven’t in a year then it’s going in a bag. I need to stop holding onto stuff “until the next yard sale”, it just needs to go. Whether to Goodwill or Salvation Army or shelter or trash… doesn’t matter. It just needs to go. So I’m going to go find my house, and probably my sanity. I’m running short on plastic tubs, but I have a brand new box of trash bags and I’m not afraid to use them!