Today's Tip…..Momma's Going Out of Town..

We leave today, directly from school, to go to my mother’s house for the weekend. I LOVE to go to Mom’s I just dread coming home.


Well, because I don’t see her enough for one thing, then because I know my house will NOT look the way I left it when I return. So this time I’m making a game plan. It’s worked before… hopefully it will work again.

1. Take out ALL the trash… leave hubby a clean can to start with.
2. Empty the dishwasher….leave hubby an empty place to put his dirty dishes.
3. Leave a clear, bold, obvious and specific list if there is something to be done:
His will include, taking the trash to the dump, feeding the animals, and “hey the dishwasher is empty”

4. For the ride: Have any empty cereal boxes? or shoe boxes? Get one for each child and fill it with things to occupy them in the car. (If your planning this is advance, you can let them decorate it) Ours have small dolls, books, a dry erase board from walmart, a small snack) I also took a lot of their kids cds, copied the songs to my Windows Media player and burnt a cd with Just their favorite songs on it.

5. Don’t over pack, it’s just a few days, and besides—for this trip, we’re going to my mom’s house, if I forgot something she’ll probably have it, or it can just wait 48 hours… it’s better than having to unpack four suitcases on Monday.

6. Have young kids who get anxious 1/2 way there? Draw them a “map” . Just a simple map with the towns your going to pass through. Use landmarks instead of street names, for example, Sammy knows that we turn onto “Nanny’s Road” at the big green and white gas station sign. The can follow along on their map as you go and “see” the progress.

7. Take a deep breath…. don’t stress if your running late… God could be holding you up to save you from a problem down the road (no pun intended)… Enjoy your trip!

I’m off to wake up my sleeping doodle bug, get her off to school and start taking my own advice! Have a great weekend and God Bless! ~MTD~