My Clutter and Creativity Quiz Results…

I fell upon this neat quiz, and failed it miserably! Click here to check out the Clutter and Creativity Quiz. I did terrible… lots and lots of clutter holding me back.

So I’m going to start clearing out the mess one step at a time. One of my biggest challenges is Emotional Clutter. Here’s what Linda Dessau had to say about Emotional Clutter:

“Emotional clutter stems from the same pack-rat habit of not wanting to let go. Instead of hanging onto an old sweater missing a button, it’s hanging onto an old emotion. Once an emotion is over, it’s over, unless we choose to hang onto it. That’s a powerful ability we have – to either stay enraged, sad or anxious over something that happened three days ago, or three YEARS ago, or let go and give ourselves the freedom.

If emotional clutter has your heart tied up in knots, practice letting go. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean condoning what they’ve done. It means freeing yourself and being open to positive emotional experiences.”

So how am I going to do this? We’re starting with my bedroom closet. I have clothes that have been passed around and passed around. Weird stuff. Isn’t it a bit creepy that I have a pair of my great grandpa’s pj’s? I also have two of my great grandma’s nightgowns. (I come by this honestly, my mother just gave me a tank top that she bought in Nags Head when I was 2 years old…. umm… I’m 32 now!) So, since no one needs 3000 pairs of pj’s or 200 T shirts I’m gonna streamline there first. I’m going to take everything out of the drawers and the closet and put them in piles. T-shirts, shorts, dress pants, jeans, pj’s, sweat pants, dress shirts, comfy shirts, etc. If it fits but isn’t comfy, then it needs to go. Double check for stains… gotta go. Has a string hanging or elastic wearing out? Gotta go! I think if I start with these criteria first then I’ll have an easier time letting stuff go. If that’s not enough to shrink my stash to a manageable level then I’ll have to start picking out my favorite colors or something. If I find something I just can’t let go (like that tank top from Nags Head) then I’ll put it in the “for my next house” box.

I have two weeks to get it all out. Honestly, I did pretty good last week and it really motivated me to keep going!

What kind of clutter do you have?

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