Anyone got Bon Bons?

Wow, I really did do that much… the yard sale is this Saturday and I have removed a lot of junk from the house but if I added all the time up it probably only took me two days to do it all. The craft room still needs some help and the china cabinet is not totally cleaned out because I ran out of boxes.

It is shocking at how “clean” everything has stayed since I removed the unnecessary junk! Don’t mistake me, my Boyd’s bears are still on the shelf, and my pictures are still on the wall. I’m not trying to get down to a sofa and a paper plate by any means. I still want this to look like a home. I went in my craft room to get the old sewing patterns (we’re talking 1970’s and older ladies!) to put in the sale. I had to make two trips because my arms were so full! Who knew I had so many!

I don’t want to powerclean for days on end because I will get burned out, so I have just done the daily basics and focused on one place each day to clear out. So far, I have had the basics done by noon and that includes fixing my youngest DD breakfast, 15 bathroom breaks for her, fielding phone calls, and finding and mickey’s clubhouse online.

She’s down for her nap now and for the first time in my life as a mother I am looking for the Bon Bons! The temptation to take a long bubble bath is crazy right now! When I finish that craft room I’m gonna actually have time to go scrapbook!! I’ve only been collecting stuff for two years and haven’t done the first page!

Don’t tell my hubby that I have a few extra minutes in the day. He already doesn’t do anything! But that is a totally different story right there!

We’re very interested in homeschooling and I backed away from it this year because I was concerned that getting organized and staying on top of it would be too hard given the consistent chaos in our house. These last few days have shown me a light at the end of the tunnel. Homeschooling my girls would be an unexpected blessing that results from essentially “taking out the trash”.