I'll take $1000, how bout you?

Yep you read that right! A $1000! It was actually a little more than that, what I earned at my yard sale this weekend. Someone showed up at 10 pm that night offering $425 for the junkie car we had for sale! We probably had 1/4 of an acre of stuff out here with little room to walk. At one point, as the day became blazing hot, I started selling stuff “a grocery bag for a $1, a garbage bag full for $5”!

My mom called several times to see how I was doing, only to be told “I can’t talk mom, got too many people in my yard!” Sunday I set the stuff out again, after church, just to give it away. I had several ladies that sang “Halleluia” walking back to their car because I had GIVEN them boxes or garbage bags full of stuff. Yep FREE! I still have a huge pile waiting to go to goodwill.

So now I have a new microwave, a new computer chair, I’ve paid off DH’s commuter car, I’m finally going to get a real desk AND I still have enough to catch up the electric bill. So here I sit, with my bag of microwave popcorn and a pepsi praying that someone will show up to buy the motorcycle…it’s the last thing to go.

I could still go through my house and fill up the 9 empty tubs I have but I think I’ve done enough for this week. I’m pooped… time for mom to take a time out, and enjoy her newly found floors! I haven’t seen them in ten years.

Don’t ever think it won’t sell… remember my post about my linen closet and the picture of that garbage bag of towels? Well, DH didn’t take it to the dump, he put it in the shed by mistake. It ended up sitting to the side of the yard at the sale and someone offered me a $1 for it, she refused to take it for free. She even made a point to come back and tell me that over 1/2 of them were washed and drying on her clothes line…. One person’s trash, another one’s treasure!

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