Took two days off… expecting a disaster….

After the rush to clear out the house, the break I took Tuesday afternoon was well deserved. The break I took on Wednesday—hmm, not so much. I fully confess that I just didn’t feel up to getting back into the swing of things. I focused instead on printing online grocery coupons even though I knew I wasn’t going to use them. I let the baby have full reign over the living room and didn’t bother to cook. My excuse? I had to go get groceries (not really) and doing that with two kids is just exhausting. Hubby fell for it, but I knew better. My girls are actually pretty well behaved and with a trip to Burger King in the future they were even easier to handle. Jolene even held on to my coupons without flinging them haphazardly all over Food Lion!

Then Thursday rolled around and I didn’t want to pick up because I hadn’t done it in a few days and I just KNEW it would take hours. I have a bad habit of getting “into” doing something and then quitting when it gets easy. That wasn’t going to happen this go around, so about 5 o’clock I sat down with the girls and we picked chores. Easy stuff. I put the following on a list:
sweep floor, mop floor (swiffer wet), empty dishwasher, fill dishwasher, pick up toys, pick up dirty laundry… and the oldest and I took turns picking what we wanted to do. Then we raced to see who could finish first. For example, she said she’d get up the laundry if I picked up the toys. She won, mainly b/c I started picking up all the other stuff in the living room besides the toys. With that victory under her belt it was easy to get her moving onto swiffering the floors! That kept her AND her sister busy while I worked in the kitchen.

It was just enough of a boost in my motivation to get me fixing supper, cleaning up after it, and agreeing to let them paint last night before bed! I’m starting this morning with a clean house… what will I do with myself!

Well, I still haven’t found my craft room! Maybe I’ll finish bills (since it’s payday today) and go dig out my scrapbooking supplies!

It was really nice to take a break for a few days and not have the whole house come crashing down on me. I give credit to God and Mom for kicking me in the butt. God reminded me what blessings I have and what my responsibilities are to take care of those blessings. Mom reminded me that the key to success is eliminating the excess. All things in moderation. Clearing out all that clutter was long, hard and often painful. Letting go always is painful in some way. I’m glad I let it go. It allowed me to something few moms get to do…. find time.