How nosey are you?

I’m curious, because I am having a “Home and Garden” party at my home tonight and I’m starting to panic! We had a very hectic week and my house has suffered. No filth, just piles of laundry to be put away, and pieces of Halloween costumes everywhere from my best friend and I attempting to make our children into fairies and pirates this year!

I can get the living room, the bath room and the kitchen clean–no problem. But how nosey are women? I’m not the type to wander down your hallway or open your medicine cabinet but I know some that, well, let’s put it this way… my husband and I bought a new video camera a few years back and had put it in our bedroom to hide it before his parents got there. You see, we owed them money and we HAD the money to give them that day, we just wanted to pay them before they saw that we had bought something. We’re talking a matter of minutes between the two events. I just wanted to hand them the cash THEN he could show off his new toy. I didn’t want to give them two seconds to think we had forgotten that we owed them money. Well, my MIL needed to use the ladies room. We were all outside talking and she excused herself. This was a single wide trailer with a bathroom right at the front door, yet she managed to find herself 50 ft away, through the kitchen and through the living room peeking into my bedroom!!! She totally forgot to go to the bathroom! She came out yelling “hey, when did you get a new video camera?”

Now I realize that her issues are a bit extreme, and over time she has learned not to leave the living room without asking first (it doesn’t stop her from rubbernecking down the hall way on the way to our bathroom though). I’m just wondering ….

how observant are you? do you make a point of looking for dust? reading the titles of the books on someones bookshelf? peaking in bathroom cabinets to see whats there?

I might look around at your KnickKnacks or pause to admire a picture but that is about it…. Unless you show it to me I don’t want to know…

what about you?

One thought on “How nosey are you?

  1. Mary C. says:

    Hey, I would never go poking into someone’s bedroom or medicine cabinet! I like to check out stuff like pictures and book titles, but that’s because I’m a book nerd and a photography buff. Plus, kids are cute, so if you have pictures of kids that’s a double plus.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the party (you know Vinny told me about it the night it was going on, I was like you should have told me before, even if I couldn’t come I would have liked to know! men.)but I was glad to read it was a success! Vinny will have to let me come to the next one, e-mail or call me so I will know! 🙂

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