A little perspective…

It’s 5:45 am, and I’m already up and worried that we won’t get through ALL that we need to, academically speaking, this week, before Samantha’s birthday party. The list is running through my head, math, reading, arts, money, calendar, weather, senses, phew! I’m worn out!
So I get up and grab the fancy schmancy math K5 book we bought her from the Book Store. Just for giggles, and maybe a little perspective, let’s see how many pages are actually there.
According to BJUPress, this is what Sam is expected to cover in Kindergarten. Cool, now let’s do some mommy math…
School is supposed to be (on average, since Virginia doesn’t really count days) about 180 days. If we take 320 pages, divided by 180 days… hmmm… hold on it’s early….. ok I had to get the calculator… I’m not up to calculating 1.7777777777778 on my own!
So that’s about two pages a day, with a few “no math” days. Well, we tore out the first twenty sheets because she already knows how to write her numbers, and she has been doing those worksheets since September. So WE are down to only 300. Last week she did 28 pages over the course of two days because I couldn’t get her to stop! That is just from THIS book, she has another book from Walmart and I had downloaded several themed math units online, of which she has finished over 1/2 of them.
My point is that this book, and the one for reading, and the one for science, etc. all look very foreboding. Each of them over an inch think, sitting on the shelf, pages all clean and untouched. In reality, if you take all those pages and divide them up over the days we have left, Sam is still ahead of the game. We could probably take Friday off completely this week without falling behind.
So I am going to take a deep breath, finish my coffee, and rest assured that in the grand scheme and schedule of all that is Kindergarten, we are NOT behind…. I have not managed to destroy my child’s educational progress in two weeks… we are fine, and we will be fine… as long as we keep it in perspective and take it two pages at a time.

2 thoughts on “A little perspective…

  1. WendyK says:

    Ok, since I don’t know you very well, I am taking a chance and saying LOL!

    Nope, it takes longer than 2 weeks to mess up, right? Seriously, it will be ok. We gave up the following traditional school schedules when Caitlyn finished the Kindy work before Christmas of her Kindy year. Workbook, what’s that, LOL? Science experiments are very cool, try building a volcano. The girls will love making it erupt in the driveway!

    Good luck this year; it sounds like things are going very well, and everyone is enjoying it!

  2. Momma TaderDoodle says:

    You can laugh! That’s how I felt… how silly I had been stressing out!

    We’ve done one “About Me” lapbook, which she LOVED, and a lot of other cut and paste stuff. She loves flashcards, but her favorite is to learn with all the online games I found. She’s just a little right brained like her mom.

    Thanks for the support Wendy!! Big Hugs!

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