Oh the temptation!!!

It’s almost overwhelming! On Friday I hosted a Home and Garden party! Melanie was a great consultant and even though I only had three people show up (besides the two of us) it was still an amazingly fun party! She still needs to call me with my party total, I still have orders to turn in, but it appears I’m going to get almost $200 in free stuff and 5 or 6 items 1/2 off! How awesome is that!

So here I sit, flipping through the catalog, starring all the things on my wish list…. and I hear a voice in the back of my head say…

I DO NOT need a bean pot, I don’t even know what to do with a bean pot, and while it totally matches my kitchen (along with the other pottery items that go with it), I would probably never use it. Read your own blog LISA! You just threw out truckloads of STUFF, you don’t need anymore! What you DO NEED are Christmas presents!

So, I switch to a red pen, go back to page one, and start starring the items that I want to get for other people. Oh, I’ll still get the fruit stand basket and the rectangular baking stone but other than that it’s all for presents. It’s better to give than to receive right? Of course, I’ll be pretty much giving stuff to someone else, adding stuff to their list of things they have to keep clean. Maybe I’ll just include a note that says “If I find this in your yard sale next year I won’t be insulted…”

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