Starting the Communication Process!

Roo-minder Rings American Sign Language Cards – Mommy Auctions
With a Kindergartener, that talks way too much, and a Pre-Schooler, that again talks too much, my world is filled with wild conversations. While we are considering trying for number three, I am occupying myself reading up on all the “mommy advice” for rearing three kids. One big item that seems to stand out is how the more kids you have the slower it seems the youngest is to start talking. Mainly because the older kids keep speaking for them.
In effort to stimulate the baby’s communication skills many moms have opted for teaching their children sign language. I think this is a great great idea!! Mommy Auctions is my favorite place for mommy and baby items so I went searching and found these great Roominder Rings ASL Cards!
How cute! I like that it isn’t some book I have to hold open with one hand and try to sign with the other (especially since many signs need both hands!).
Seeing how my daughters talk WAY too much now, maybe I should regress and teach them sign language…. in the hopes that the noise level in the house might go down a decibel or two.
For those homeschooling new readers, there are also lots of great children’s books at GREAT prices!!
Check out Mommy Auctions! The variety is ever increasing and the deals are steals!

One thought on “Starting the Communication Process!

  1. Nancy Hanauer says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the kind words about my Roo-minder Rings. I’ve very proud of them and parents have found them to be a very helpful source to teach themselves American Sign Language to use with their hearing babies and toddlers.
    The Roo-minder Rings are no longer available on Mommy Auctions but they can be purchased from my website at
    Thanks again!
    Nancy Hanauer
    Hop to Signaroo Founder

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