Schedule Schmedule!!! Letting it go!

We had such a wonderful plan! Such goals! We had calendars and planners and worksheets and spreadsheets and wall charts and a points system and chore charts and…. the list goes on!
After week one, I had lost track of the points. By week two, the planner and calendars went out the window. Our weather calendar? hmmm, well it’s been so long in Virginia with no rain that I ran out of sunshines! My daughter also made a point to tell me that I needed more than just rain, sun and clouds.
“What about a windy day mommy? or a HOT day? or a COLD day?” she asked.
I thought I had taken into consideration that my youngest might get jealous having her sister home all day again. Apparently I underestimated her! I also overestimated her desire to do Pre K work while her sister did her schoolwork… so there went another PLAN.
Hubby’s car broke down, leaving us with only one vehicle, so there went the “Park on Wednesday” plan and the “Library on Thursday” plan.
I just knew that will all the “stuff” we had, the variety, the colors, the options, that the words “I’M BORED” would NEVER come out of Sam’s mouth but ohhhh how wrong I was! I guess when you grow up and become overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations you totally forget what it feels like to have a million things you could do but nothing you want to do.
Timing is our next problem, she woke up at 5:30 this morning wanting to do her math work! UGH, can I get a cup of coffee first? Now when 9am rolls around all she’ll want to do is play and I can almost bet that about 9 PM she’ll want to do reading or arts and crafts or MORE MATH! (If anyone can explain why she enjoys doing a subject she’s NOT good at *yet* I’d love to hear it!) She’s in Kindy, I don’t expect her to do calculus. I just find it comical that this is the subject she wants to do when she continues to find it frustrating.
I think I need a new plan, kind of a Non Plan. Maybe some sort of simple filing box with folders for each week. When she does stuff we’ll just stick it in there. Rather than filling out a planner book I’ll just date the stuff before it gets in the box. There are a couple of websites that keep track of the work done. Http:// is one of them. So I think I’ll let them do a little of the work for me. I’m not lazy, I’m overwhelmed. What started as one shelf on the bookcase has turned into two shelves, a tabletop, and two large piles in the craft room…
I’m glad I started homeschooling now. If I had to jump right into seven subjects and term papers I would have lost my mind!

One thought on “Schedule Schmedule!!! Letting it go!

  1. WendyK says:

    Welcome to the real world of homeschooling! We all start out with a plan. Those plans and systems sound great, but the fun comes in enjoying what lights up their faces. As for the enjoyment of a subject that is hard for them, my daughter does that too, but she picks sports that she is not good at. Look at it this way, she loves a challenge which will help her later in life!
    Thanks for that website, we don’t have a way to keep track of stuff right now, so I will be checking this out. We have been going on the if she can read, write and do math, then she can learn anything principle.
    Just wait a year or so when you have models of ancient Egypt all over your house if the large piles are in the way now! Have a great week!

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