More than I paid for…

We wanted to get Sammy something educational for her birthday (which is today!!). She DID get toys, but we wanted to incorporate “schooling” stuff with the junk. While in Big Lots looking for a craft table for me, I stumbled upon some “Hooked On” boxes marked $5! We picked up “Hooked on Counting” (for Jo for Christmas), “Hooked on New Testament Bible Stories”, “Hooked on Spelling”, and “Hooked on Addition”. I let Sammy open the addition one this morning, hoping it would keep her interested in doing schoolwork on her birthday.
This box is awesome! It’s so simple, the audio CD gets annoying after two lessons (Sam agreed), so I started doing the flash cards with her sans cd. Without much effort she started to accept a concept I could not get across to her before– Counting On. This is where instead of saying 5 + 2, then taking out five beans and two beans and then adding them all together you simple start at five and count six, seven. She found it frustrating at first. She keeps trying to say that 5 + 2 is 52, or 1+0 is 10… Slowly though, we did make progress! They even have a clear page that you lay on top of the workbook so you can do it over and over again!
It came with two double sided sets of flash cards (with rings to hold them together), a workbook with the clear page, a dry erase marker, a progress poster, stickers, two dice, and red and blue counting discs. Oh, and that silly CD… Sam liked the music that played between lessons, but the lady doing the flash cards gets annoying after a while, and I think she moves a little fast.
For $5 I was pretty impressed! I can’t wait until tonight when she can open the others.