Why didn't I pay attention in science class?

Maybe I could have saved myself some frustration. Isn’t there some scientific theory to explain the mess in my house? To explain why I can pack up six 40 gallon tubs of “stuff” only to turn around and see the shelves and drawers full again?

I remember, vaguely, that gases spread out until they are evenly spaced… maybe that’s what my problem is-all my stuff has gas! I cleared off two shelves in the living room and before I could move them to the attic the shelves has more STUFF on them!! I boxed up my Boyd’s Bears, my figurines, picture frames and more! I took three more tubs of toys from my daughters’ room and it doesn’t even look different.

Maybe my stuff feels stuffed. I clear off a shelf and turn my back and the “stuff” on nearby shelves moves to the clean shelf to give themselves some room. Similar to when there are three people on a couch and the one on the end gets up and leaves, the person in the middle scoots over, putting space between themselves and the person on the other end. Just as we tend to spread out evenly in a given space, so does my STUFF!

Today is a big day, it’s not just Halloween, it’s our daughters birthday! While I would love to tackle some more junk, I am not expecting to get very far. I have two more large tubs left. Maybe I’ll pack up my summer clothes so my sweaters can get more comfy in my dresser. I’ll let my sweatpants lounge around in my closet shelves for a little while, at least until my jeans and t-shirts decide they want a little more room too.

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