Well it WAS my favorite day…

I LOVED Halloween! LOVED IT! It was the one day of the year that I KNEW my mom was going to play dress up. I’m from an older generation where decorations were made from stuff around your house and your costume probably included and old box or a garbage bag (unless you were unlucky enough to have a sewing grandma make you into a bunny or penguin). It wasn’t just about the candy for me, it was a bonding time with my mom and I LOVED IT!

As I got older, and married, I realized Halloween was the one “holiday” that would not end with someone’s feeling being hurt because we didn’t come to their house. Mom got Easter, Hubby’s parents got 4th of July, My grandma got Thanksgiving Day, His Grandma got Christmas Day…. but Halloween…. that was ours. And until 2001, we had a rocking party every year. On October 31st, 2001 I checked into the local Baptist Birth Center and at 10:51 pm I delivered our first child…. our baby Samantha. Halloween remained a wonderful day for me! Now it would be a wonderful day for my daughter! How cool to have your birthday be on a day that you and your friends get to dress up and get free candy!

…..move ahead six years…..

I am soooo glad the whole Halloweeny thing is over! I made four costumes, and by the time the actual night rolled around none of the children wanted to wear them. My best friend made her daughter wear hers although she consistently removed the sleeves. I’m pretty sure Mary made her daughter wear the tutu, at least for a little bit. Her daughter is less than two years old and can’t put up but so much of a fight. I managed to convince my birthday girl that being a fairy and being a princess were almost the same thing… “will you wear it if I let you wear your crown?” Jo, my three year old daughter, absolutely refused to don the fairy costume again. She wore it for the trick or treating at Natural Bridge last weekend but she was NOT going to put it on again. No way, No how…. she wanted to be SpiderMan.

So, I have a craft room full of fabric scraps and pieces of thread, a GIANT birthday cake (1/2 eaten) going sour on my counter because there is NO WAY it’s fitting in the fridge, markers and hand prints everywhere from pumpkin decorating with a three year old, candy wrappers all over the living room floor, pieces of costumes strewn about from two little people stripping the moment they walked in the door, and my poor husband hasn’t eaten a decent supper in three days. Poor guy, seems I keep forgetting that he and I need to eat. The girls get fed at 5:30, He doesn’t get home until after seven so I usually wait to fix our supper. He’s hungry. I’m glad it’s over.

Maybe today I can get caught up.

Then again, Thanksgiving is in three weeks….

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