Finding my happy face…. NaBloPoMo entry- Day 2

I’m tired of being overwhelmed and depressed… so I’m going to stop. So what if my dishes need to be done, or the rat cage needs to be cleaned or my kids take an hour to put to bed…. it will be okay… today will be better right? RIGHT!

So, I’ll hop over to Bible Gateway and check out the verse of the day.

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a
people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who
called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”- 1 Peter 2:9

I’ll have to ponder this a bit…. Maybe it’s a reminder that the sun will come up today and I can find my happy face….

I searched out some new “mommy” blogs, tried to add a few new friends, and rifled through the barrage of thoughts going through my head of what I should blog about today. Unfortunately the funnier ones keep getting lost in all my thoughts of what I NEED to do today. **look for the happy Lisa…**

So, to start my day off right I’m just going to list things that make me feel blessed… I need to focus on them today…

My children, and the open possibility to having more.
My mother, an endless source of inspiration and kicks in the tail!
My husband, a provider, a friend and a constant reminder that once in a while I need to laugh
My internet, without it I would have very little adult interaction and I’d never get my bills paid
My Bible, the instruction manual I really should read more often
The food in my freezer, which would get cooked if I’d just buck up and go dig it out!
Toilet Paper,
Paper Towels
Fuzzy Socks
Fleece PJ Pants
Halloween Candy
Maxwell House
Eyes that can see
Hands that can love, hold, comfort, create, and admonish
Family that likes me enough to be sad that I won’t be visiting this weekend (will that car ever get fixed?)
Homeschooling my girls
Google (shhh… my girls think I know EVERYTHING!)
All my mom groups… Mommy Auctions, CafeMom, MySpace, NaBloPoMo, BlogHer, MyBlogLog …..
All the books on my bookshelf and the fact that I can read them
My oil paints
My lap, also known as the “Baby Laz Y Boy”
Our little church, where being a little fish is a little pond is a great big thing!
Froot Loops
My dishwasher

I could go on… but I have about ten minutes before my oldest daughter wakes up and there’s a good possibility my ability to hold on to these warm and fuzzy feelings will quickly disappear.

For those of you who know me on Mommy Auctions or MySpace: I never did get that bubble bath….

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2 thoughts on “Finding my happy face…. NaBloPoMo entry- Day 2

  1. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I have to be careful with searching! Last night we had to search skunks and while I found a TON of skunk images I also discovered a brand of “intoxicating” smoking products called “Skunk Stink” or something… hubby and I just laughed…

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