Friday Nights w/ Hubby…. NaBloPoMo entry 3

Hubby and I decided in the summer of 2006 to kill the satellite subscription and just have regular tv. You know, the antennae thing. We had to cut the budget some and the only place to cut was the tv or the cell phone and with Hubby’s four hour daily commute I wasn’t about to send him out without a phone. So down came the dish. And for over a year now I have relieved my childhood yelling “rewind the tape in the VCR so I can record….”, Oh the joys!

You know antennae’s seem to work better once the sun comes up, and even better during the day if it’s partly cloudy or even mostly cloudy as long as it isn’t raining. For whatever reason it always seems to rain during American Idol, so I can hear it but can’t see a dern thing!

Last night, Friday night, was our night to hang out. The kids were with his parents and we were getting a much needed time out. TV on Friday tends to stink, so I came up with a brilliant plan!

It had finally dawned on me that my Wii could get online, which meant my Wii could get on You Tube, which meant all those cool videos I’ve been trying to watch could be watched through my TV! YEAH! We spent an hour watching Jeff Dunham and Dane Cook videos! I almost peed my pants laughing so hard.

So there we were having a great time and I thought it might be okay if I snuck off and made us a snack and some hot chocolate. I was back on the sofa in less than four minutes! Ok, maybe five… I think I stopped in the ladies room to reduce the chance of an accident later.

…Let me stop for a moment to confess to something, since for my hubby this is an important aspect to the story. My laptop sits in our living room, so I can work online and still be around the family. At first I was scanning YouTube trying to find stuff to watch. Then I started working on adding my new graphics to . It’s in the process of reconstruction. Unlike my hubby, I CAN and DO multitask. I was in FACT watching TV with him…

Ok, so I return with delicious treats and hot chocolate, and settle myself back onto the sofa. My first thoughts were as follows:

Darn my feet are cold

Oh look, I have a message 🙂

WTH is that sound coming from the TV… that is NOT JEFF DUNHAM!

While I was gone my husband stumbled upon a Transformers cartoon. Apparently someone else likes Jeff Dunham and transformers. By “Transformers cartoon” I mean OLD, like when I was in school, transformers cartoons. You would have thought my husband had just won the lottery! He spent at least 40 minutes watching these things before I went and took a shower. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

So there is now a new rule in the house. You can only watch cartoons when there are ACTUAL children on the premises! I have our kids all day every day and when God blesses me with a time out I DO NOT want to watch animated things anymore…. He better not be surprised if next time I’m watching youtube on my laptop while he watches youtube on the tv…

BTW, as I type this, on our quiet Saturday morning… I’m having to pretend to be interested in watching “The Condemned” — you know, that Stone Cold Steve Austin movie… ooooh I’m so excited…

2 thoughts on “Friday Nights w/ Hubby…. NaBloPoMo entry 3

  1. Sheila @ Dr says:

    Oh…you’re funny. I’m going to enjoy reading your posts. I know what you mean. I have my laptop with me as well but I may as well not be in the room. He looks startled when I say “hey can we pause it?” if I leave the room or have the nerve to say “hang on I was watching that!” when he decides he’s bored with that particular program. He knows not to change it from the food network! That’s my station!

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    *~blushing~* Thanks Sheila 🙂

    What gets me is that he’ll pause a movie he’s seen a MILLION times! As if he’s not going to know what happens if he doesn’t get to watch THAT part AGAIN.

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