Chicka Chicka What?

One of the great perks to home schooling is that you don’t have to just “do a book”. It’s not just workbooks and textbooks.
“Chicka What?”
Yeah, that’s what I said! It’s a cute little book about ABC’s that climb up a coconut tree. They must set it to music at some point during class because Sam would come home singing the book everyday. This book was the one and only thing she asked us to buy when we moved to home schooling. All she wanted was to have her own copy of this book. Ok, no problem.

I went looking for some fun things we could do with Chicka Boom and found some wonderful ideas here at the Virtual Vine!
I wish I could say we did a bunch of Chicka activities, but we didn’t. I’m a slacker, I know. What I did do was notice a coconut for sale at the grocery store. Since both my girls, upon getting their own copy of the book, have become fascinated with coconuts why not buy them one. I was less than $3, so what the heck… let’s get a coconut. It’s sad that I was 20 something before I ever saw a real coconut, so even I was a little excited.
They went nuts! (no pun intended)
We talked about coconut milk and looked at the tag to see where it came from and then looked on our map to find the island. It took about an hour to explain to Sam that not ALL islands have coconuts and they do come from some places that aren’t islands. This whole conversation turned into a lesson about islands, which turned into a lesson on volcanoes…etc, etc. Phew! Hubby and I got tired fast!
They bowled down the hallway with the coconut and dressed it up in hats and scarves. JoJo toted it around like a baby for days.
This weekend, David finally agreed to drill a hole in the coconut and check out the milk.

Even I was shocked to see that the milk wasn’t “white”. I almost feel silly being over 30 and not knowing that coconut milk didn’t look like milk at all.

We couldn’t get the girls to drink the milk. I don’t blame them, it wasn’t that great. David and I were shocked to see that it didn’t taste much like coconut (I can’t stand coconut). Even the coconut stuff didn’t taste like coconut. Sounds crazy huh?
I have decided that I’m going to have to be more careful about what they get to read. All I need now is to have David come home with a hundred helium balloons trying to show them that monkeys can not fly with balloons (Jo’s favorite Curious George Book).
Happy Homeschooling!

4 thoughts on “Chicka Chicka What?

  1. WendyK says:

    Way to go Dad for drilling a hole in that coconut. I can’t say I knew that either.
    Shhh, that balloon thing can be done.
    Yep, my kids want to do it, thanks George.

    Glad to hear that y’all are enjoying homeschooling so much!

  2. Momma TaderDoodle says:

    Oh my gosh Wendy! How do you know this stuff!

    I checked out the site and that is incredible! I can’t believe someone has actually tried that….

    I had a blast calling my mom (who loves her “adult coconut beverage”) and letting her know that our coconut did not taste like what I thought coconut tasted like…

  3. m~ says:

    We loved Chick Chick Boom Boom too and yes we did a ton of those activities including having a 6 foot construction paper tree in our den with letter all over it.
    I love that your husband drilled the hole in the coconut. My kids wouldn’t taste it either. Just wait until one of them decides that raising chickens would be economical and educational too. We have 10 now!

  4. Momma TaderDoodle says:


    I considered the paper tree! She has Chicka Chicka 123 too, I am a little worried I’ll end up with a coconut tree and an apple tree!

    Hubby and I have had chickens (before we had children). I am really hoping there is town law against having them inside the “town limits”. Hubby and the girls are all about having a farm.

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