Mom's "Use it or Lose it" Rules Victorious Again!

It’s a small victory, but a win is a win right? The baseball card collection did not make it back into the attic but another 10 TUBS of stuff did!

A while back my mother and I started a competition to rid ourselves of the unnecessary clutter in our house. Mind you, this mess isn’t on the floors, it was the stuff on the shelves, hanging on the walls, stuffed in a drawer. It was the collective junk that kept us wanting to go shopping for more organizing cubes! I had no idea how eliminating the extras would increase my cleaning productivity.

I can get my house picked up for company in less than fifteen minutes!

Well, if I cram the dirty dishes in the dishwasher it’ll look clean! I went through our children’s room before their birthdays this fall and, with their help, we peacefully set aside some toys. I put them in rubber tubs and moved them into the attic under the assumption that we would bring them down again later.


Because we had already cleared out the extra junk, putting away our new toys was easy! I knew what she was getting in advance and I cleared out the room with a general idea of what was going to need to be put back in there. The after party pick up took less than twenty minutes when usually it would take days.

What’s my trick? How did I possibly pack up that much stuff?


I set a tub down in my hallway. As I cleaned, if I come across something that has not been “USED” or looked at in a year, it was put in the tub. I’m an emotional pack rat which can make this processes difficult, so across the tub in big marker it reads:

The last time I did this I ended up making over a $1000 at my yard sale. My goal was to eliminate the stuff I didn’t want. It was finally time to pack away the stuff I couldn’t let go. I had a total of ten tubs that went upstairs this weekend. I had filled them up over the course of roughly two weeks. Thanks to all the clothes I donated to Goodwill after the yard sale, only two of these tubs were clothes-summer clothes. I packed up my bears, and my nick naks, and my bouquet and veil (hello! I’ve been married a decade now!) It’s wonderful! I can dust my glass shelves in less than a 1/2 hour! It used to take forever to remove all the stuff, dust the shelves, dust the stuff, and get it back up there.

Here is what we started with:

Here it is 1/2 way through our battle (please notice the baseball card CHEST still sitting there!)

I need to take some new pictures as this last one was before my weekend of packing away the bear figurines.

I’ll admit there are a few tubs up in the attic now that have a hodge podge of items in them. That’s okay. One day I’ll go up there and sort it out. In the mean time I won’t be staring at the stuff every day watching it collect dust. I won’t be panicking when my hubby calls and says “so and so are coming over tonight, that okay?” and maybe the next time I’m sick I won’t get better and find a disaster area in my living room.

My next house, if I ever get one, might be a mess, but this one won’t be much longer… now if I could just find a way to get rid of those baseball cards!

2 thoughts on “Mom's "Use it or Lose it" Rules Victorious Again!

  1. Qtpies7 says:

    Great job! doesn’t it feel great to get some space back? I need to get myself in gear and enter an organizing contest at organizing junkies blog!

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I don’t know what to do with myself 🙂 My kids can actually have races down the hallway!

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