Day two of making two pots…

This is day two of me needing a second pot of coffee… which is not a good thing.

Here I sit, at 4 in the afternoon sipping a cup of coffee. Yesterday it was the same ‘ole same ‘ole store brand coffee, but today…

today momma’s drinking the good stuff! SUMATRA BLACK SATIN..

Today momma needed something more, something GOOD, something that would remind me of having coffee at the corner cafe in college… something bold without being burnt.

My friend Christina runs The Coffee Company Online and hooked me on this great coffee earlier this summer. She was the one who informed me “store brand coffee made ‘strong’ is not the same a great ‘bold’ coffee”.

Don’t let her know I’m drinking it while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This coffee totally deserves something better than that! Maybe I can cut up a Milky Way bar and pretend it’s a fancy dessert… HA!

Well, my cup is empty, and my daughter is up from her nap… (which means there will be NO Milky Way’s unless they can become invisible). Time to refill and fix supper…. I wonder if Honey Ham goes well with Dark Coffee?

4 thoughts on “Day two of making two pots…

  1. TheCoffeeLady says:

    Santo Domingo Bani Especiale
    would be my next choice.
    This Dominican Republic coffee displays a well balanced complexity and uniformity with a rich full taste, medium body and a pleasant acidity. You will find these “special beans” brew up a fine gourmet Caribbean coffee.

    You won’t be disappointed!
    The Original Coffee Company

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I’m sold 🙂 I think our coconut was from the Dominican Republic… cool…I can tie a book,to a nut, to an island, to my coffee…. which might keep me focused enough to read another book 🙂 Not to mention, thanks to Capt Jack Sparrow I’d probably drink anything labeled “Caribbean”!

    (I must say the quotes around “special beans” have me intriqued)

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