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Last year, my hubby and I were in need of fixing our serious budget issues. One of the million sites I went to suggested we create an emergency fund. Your supposed to start with $100 and add any and all extra cash you have to it until it’s at $1000 then move on to step two in the program.

Well, we did not have a spare $100… anywhere….. or so I thought. I remembered that I had a small container of change in my craft room. I pulled it out, put a label on it that read “Emergency Fund” and set it on the counter. All that night I seemed to stumble upon loose change on counters, in drawers, on the floor, by the washer… it was everywhere. Pennies are easy to ignore, even a nickel doesn’t seem like much when it’s just laying on the floor.

By late that night the jar had filled quite nicely and I could not resist the urge to count the moola. Finding that we had neared $30 I decided to start searching for the change. I went through all my old purses, my old briefcase, and peered under furniture. The only thing I did not invade or investigate was my daughter’s piggy banks… that was off limits..

Our grand total that night was over $100!!!

So, knowing that my oil tank needs to be filled (it got cold in VA fast!!) and Santa needs to come to town soon, I’ve decided to scrounge for coins again! I’ve started a challenge in the Mommy Auctions Forum! It’s free to sign up and join in! Make sure you tell them that Tader Doodles sent you!

Whoever finds the most cash will get their store or site blogged about here!

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