Fridays Funky Stuff in my House Day! NaBloPoMo #9

I haven’t run out of good stuff to talk about, I’m just in a “Miserable, this world sucks, I don’t like anyone” kind of mood today (mainly because my car is STILL in the shop) and I’m trying not to spread the negativity !

So… for today I bring you

Friday’s Funky Stuff in my House Day!

Does anyone remember the show “How Clean is Your House“?
I think I’d die if those ladies ever showed up here!

I keep my house “up” but there are a few scary places I’d prefer not to go…

here are my top ten, in random order…

1. The dishtowel under my dish drainer.
2. The inside of my medicine cabinet.
3. Under my children’s beds
4. The feet of any piece of furniture in my living room.
5. Under the entertainment center (why exactly is it 1 inch off the floor?)
6. The top of my refrigerator
7. The entire left side of my laundry room…. I haven’t seen the floor in ages.
8. The bottom drawer of the refrigerator
9. My ice dispenser (it has never worked so we don’t use it… but it’s still gross and I can’t get it apart to clean it)
10. The lid to my washing machine

I could probably keep going, but I won’t… I suddenly feel the need to find my rubber gloves and Q-tips!

2 thoughts on “Fridays Funky Stuff in my House Day! NaBloPoMo #9

  1. marye~ says:

    I love your top ten! I’d have to add my oven, behind my computer desk, and every baseboard in the house. If everyone is so concerned about the little stuff surely they’re not looking at the big picture. Maybe Bree Van de Kamp could give us some pointers.

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    Man, Bree wouldn’t come in my yard much less my house! HA HA HA

    I’ll second the computer desk and the baseboards… but my oven,

    well, I set it on fire five times over the summer so it’s been cleaned out recently.. but by the time I cook a giant turkey it’ll be scary again!

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