Our Lawnmower Catfish..

Our fish tank is awesome! Hubby talked me into getting a fancy filter and while I really didn’t want to, I have to give in and say “Good Idea!” Our tank only has to be cleaned every other month or so. The ecosystem in there is so great that we are on our sixth generation of fish. They multiply like rabbits! Our only problem is algae. We have a LOT of algae. Hubby has one of those magnet algae cleaners but it’s impossible to use because of all our rocks. It’s hard to navigate around them all without losing the magnet, which means hubby has to stick his hands way down into the tank to retrieve it. So after a year of watching him fight the green stuff in the tank, we went out yesterday and bought a Pleco.

This fish is easily over 6 inches long. We had to bring him home in a foam cooler!

The very nice gentleman in the pet store was explaining to my husband that it was an “Armored Catfish”. The pet store was great, and gave my kids (hubby included) the opportunity to touch the fish and play with it a bit before packing it up.

With our new fish safely stored in the trunk, in his giant bag of water inside the foam cooler, we made our way home to introduce him to his new family. Hubby was excited, like a child on Christmas morning, and kept going on and on about his “armored catfish”. That’s when she said it. That’s when my brilliant six year old daughter interrupted to correct her father.

“Daddy, it’s not an armored catfish…. the guy at the pet store said he was a LAWNMOWER catfish! Because he goes around and eats all the green stuff!”

Well, welcome to the family lawnmower catfish… we’re glad to finally have you!

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  1. Kelly says:

    That is very cool- Our kids have wanted every pet on earth, but we only have Golden Retriever (just turned 1) and a cat. We have had a rabbit, mice and a hamster though.Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day.

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