Stay-On-The-Couch-Momma NO MORE! At least for today!

Ok, I don’t spend ALLLLL day on the couch. I DO, however, usually perch myself on the left couch cushion in front of my laptop from 5:30 am until about 8, the magic time of morning when my little punkins wake up.

Not this morning!

Most of you have been lucky enough to NOT hear all my ranting, raving, and pouting of the last week. It’s been a rough one to say the least. Yesterday I informed my husband,

“You better keep me out of the craft stores today honey, I’m having a “I hate the world” day today and I’m liable to buy anything!”

Bless his heart, he’s been putting up with my depressing attitude for days now. Won’t he be surprised tonight to find the house tidy, and a real supper….

dum dum dum dummmmm….


Something lit a fire under my butt. I don’t know what it was. But when he left at 5:45 this morning I went to work, and I wasn’t working on my blog. I started with the laundry room. Doing all the things I’ve been thinking about doing in there. Putting shoes in the proper room. Emptying the box of junk I had from when I cleaned out my car two months ago (which needs to be done again btw). Bagging up the big trash that we accumulated from the two birthday parties. You know! Just STUFF, that wouldn’t and didn’t take long, I just wouldn’t get around to it.

Then I moved on to the bathroom! Right down to bleaching my plunger!! GROSS! I took a full trash can of expired, old, and useless stuff out of there. Now when the girls get a boo-boo it won’t take me two hours to find the bandages.

I multi tasked the laundry and the kitchen, and even managed to make our bed. The girls room is cleaned about 80%, partly because 1/3rd of it is hanging out in the living room. Which is the only room not done yet. It’s 4pm, I’m tired, and Dr. Phil is on. So I’m having some mommy time! Honey won’t be home until 7:30 so I have time.

I’ve always tried to keep it quiet in the morning. I’ve always waited to start cleaning until after the girls were awake. I think tomorrow I’ll get a jump start again. The day went better today. The girls even got to craft. I guess if I’m going to be an early riser I might as well make good use of the time.

3 thoughts on “SOTCM NO MORE! NaBloPoMo #12

  1. marye~ says:

    Yeah! I’m proud of you. Apparently I caught your’ I don’t give a crap bug’ and we barely made it to our 4pm violin lesson. Maybe I should get up early, but last night I had a sore throat and when the herbal tea wasn’t working fast enough I took a nighttime sinus thing and didn’t get up until 8:30.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I did feel great!

    But I didn’t do squat today… spent most of it on the phone with my brother! (see today’s post 🙂 )

    But not much damage was done to the house. We had leftovers from last night so the kitchen is still in pretty decent shape…

    Thanks for checking in ladies!

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