What do you mean I'm not MINUTEWORTHY?

I’m thirty something. I have a total of four sisters and two brothers. Four of them are half siblings, two of them are steps, but I love them all. I grew up with the two brothers (thanks mom!). I am the eldest…by a LONG shot. The next one down, we’ll call him Chunker*, is eight years younger than me. So he’s mid twenty-ish. Bless his heart, he’s dealing with a terrible heartache right now as his long time girlfriend has apparently given him the final “we’re done”. My heart aches for him. This was the girl he wanted to marry, and he has spent years patiently waiting, following her every rule and requirement, only to be put aside. She has spent a little time leading him on, acting like they might get together again when she was done with school but her actions contradicted that idea, and when he confronted her on it she told him to go away, that it was done. My phone line and my IM have been open to him since then. If he wanted to talk, I was going to be here. After all, I AM the big sister. It’s my job.

This story wouldn’t make sense at all if he never called me. So let me save you some suspense…. my… phone….rang…and…it….was……CHUNKER!

To protect him I won’t detail the conversation, it was just a bunch of big sis pep talk. The important facts are HE CALLED ME BECAUSE HE WANTED TO TALK. About 40 minutes into the call, my call waiting starts beeping… here’s how the conversation went…

Chunker: Your call waiting is beeping.
Me: Yeah, so, It’s probably a collection call. BLAH BLA..
Me: SO
Chunker: Answer the phone.
Me: NO, I probably don’t want to talk to them.
Me: FINE!!

Me: Hello
Chunker: HI, THANK YOU!
Me: What the…
Chunker: HA HA I had called you on my cell phone but I didn’t want to waste my minutes on you so I came inside and called you on the house phone….
Me: You TUR…
Chunker: You’re Not Minute-Worthy…

Ok, this is where I really really wanted to hang up on him. But I was laughing too hard. Man, big sisters get NO RESPECT!

*In case curiosity is killing you, YES this was his nickname as a toddler, and YES I used it on purpose to get back at him for deeming me “not minuteworthy” LOVE YOU CHUNKER!