Dog.Gone.It…. I missed one… Nablopomo 15

I can’t believe I missed yesterday! It’s like my brain just shut down.

Well, it couldn’t have totally shut down, I spent last night dreaming about trying to buy a new planner (calendar) from the grocery store. Why was I at the grocery store? I have NO idea, I just know I was there because I also had an in depth conversation with my husband about CO in meat. So I’m at a grocery store, I have some girl following me asking me for homework help (which I am of course dropping everything to help her with), my daughters are running between me and my husband (five aisles down) asking me to put junk in the cart, and all I want to do is pick out a new calendar/planner!!

None of them worked for me. I have this problem in “real life” too, I can never find one I like. One was too small, the next too big. They are either undated, or dated for school. I don’t know about you but I don’t need a ton of fluff! I don’t need quotes, tips, pictures on all the pages. I need the date! That is where I fail…. remembering the DATE!

Then, in my dream, I am running to the counter. Desperately trying to catch up to my husband and kids because they are leaving me behind, as if I was taking so long they forgot I was even there.

Phew! I’m glad I woke up 🙂

Of course, now I have a bizarre desire to dig out my old Palm Pilot and see if the battery will charge. If I remember correctly I didn’t ever use that thing either.