Bizarre Question…what ever happened to…

I can remember, as a child, the last thing mom would say before we left to go anywhere:

Did everyone got to the bathroom?

She would make us line up and “at least try” because “there was no where to go along the way.” Huh? We could be going to the grocery store or the mall, surely there were restrooms there! I know that “Rest Areas” for weary travelers aren’t a new thing too!

I’m wondering it is that I never hear anyone do that anymore, not even mom. I’m not sure how I lost that habit, but I’d like it back. It drives me nuts to get ten minutes down the road and have my three year old yell “I GOTTA GO POTTTYYYYY!!!” What? Why didn’t you go before we left? Why? Well, because momma (aka ME) didn’t tell them to.

Have we just become accustomed to having a variety of public restrooms to choose from. Are there more of them then there used to be? Or is it because more and more of them are truly “public” and not “patron only”? Maybe they are cleaner now and therefor we are more willing to utilize them?

I can recall shopping with my mom ALL day and only getting a potty break once we made it to the food court. There was NO stopping, no out in town, not on a trip, NO STOPPING. Yet, I feel like I spend half my time, when I’m going somewhere with my girls, in the Ladies Restroom! My oldest actually thinks it’s okay to be five minutes from an actual bathroom and still pull over to go in the grass! YUCK! (Not that I’ve never done that… but things you do in college should stay in college)

Maybe it has nothing to do with restrooms being cleaner or more available. Maybe we are just in too big of a hurry. In all the rush to get out the door we forget to do the little things that will help us later on. Hmmm…. We leave today for a road trip. I wonder if I’ll remember this when it’s time for us to get in the car and go, or will I be stopping ten miles down the road for a break?

2 thoughts on “Bizarre Question…what ever happened to…

  1. Laura says:

    Well, now you know someone who does this very thing.

    Now, I will say that I wasn’t always good about making sure the kiddies went before we left; but I make an effort now to do so. If I have to travel any distance, then I definitely make sure they go, because I hate trying to find a place to go and then finding out it is a nasty whole in the wall. Just grosses me out to no end; not to mention it cuts into my drive time.

    I let the kids know, in no uncertain terms, we are not stopping. I have made my son pee in a cup so I didn’t have to get out and interupt my trip…I am so horrible aren’t I? LOL

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    No 🙂 you’re not terrible. I have a friend who’s hubby is a truck driver and I think they have taught their daughter how to do the same thing!

    I don’t think I’ll mind stopping once my kids are big enough to NOT touch the seat when they sit down!

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