Survival Gear

I’m leaving today. I’m taking a trip to my mother’s house. It will be just me and my two girls, for three hours, in the car, after a rousing afternoon at my in law’s house.

My car survival gear:

DVD Player
Movies (their favorites plus some oddballs, in case they get really bored)
The VeggieTales CD with “Gloria” on it… for Jolene
Jug of KoolAid
Animal Crackers
Towels( in case Jo gets car sick AGAIN)
Baby Wipes
Dry Erase Books and Dry Erase Board
Dry Erase Markers
Two Rubber Lizards
A Barbie Doll
Gummie Bears
M and M’s (for emergencies only, it’s amazing how well these cure car sickness!)
Their “Pretend” cell phones

for mom…


Well, I’m off to pack, wish me luck, or better yet… pray for me… and pray hard 🙂 I know three hours doesn’t seem like a long time, but there’s only SO MANY times you can hear Bob and Larry sing “Angels we have heard on high” before your mind snaps!