Friday's Funky Stuff…. I found in my car Day!

(Ok, yeah, I’m gonna back date this because posting it on Monday would be silly)

Friday’s Funky Stuff I found in my Car Day!!

10 funky things I found in my car (in no particular order)

1. Squished M&M;’s
2. Chicken nuggets
3. Sippy cup of White Grape Juice
4. Pile of change stuck together
5. Three wadded up napkins with what I can only assume is gum stuck in the inside
6. Two “To Go” coffee mugs (remember, hubby had my car for a month)
7. Three Gummie Bears stuck to the carpet
8. To “Pull Ups” – clean, apparently spares, but they were all balled up under the seat
9. A towel, that appeared to be stuck into a ball, I wonder what that was used for? I dare not smell it
10. A bottle of chocolate milk (closed thank goodness), probably over a month old.

I need to clean my car out more often!

What have you found in your car?

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2 thoughts on “Friday's Funky Stuff…. I found in my car Day!

  1. marye~ says:

    I clean my car out every week and I still find the nastiest of things shoved in the cup holders and side door pockets. Mostly thought there are wrappers and napkins, sticky change and the occasional pencil. Nothing to exciting. I’m afraid to look after this weeks round trip to the swan city.

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I have actually cleaned the seats of my car with one of those Dawn power spin brushes! Now that I finally have my car back maybe I can keep it clean 🙂

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