I told her the police man would get mommy if….

What could possibly be more embarrassing than getting pulled over in YOUR small town by your own town trooper?

Try getting pulled over for a minor speeding infraction while bringing your husband supper at 9 o’clock at night and GETTING the ticket while parked in your OWN FRONT YARD with your kids watching out the windows!

Blue lights blaring in all my neighbors windows….. my poor husband comes out (shaking his head but grateful I actually FOUND my drivers license in my purse) and he gets his supper. I sit patiently for my ticket, thanked the officer, and then brought in my groceries as fast as I could.

Here’s how the conversation went once I got inside…

Kids: MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! WE WAS LOOKIN’ FOR YOU….
Me: I went to the grocery store remember?
Kid 1: I hurt my knee….. (I lean over to kiss it almost falling on my face)
Kid 2: MAMA!! *as she climbs up my leg like a monkey*
Kid 1: Come see what Daddy has!
Kid 2: I couldn’t find you and I was crying at Papa’s house and he brought me home and we waiting but you were at the store and I was sad…did you buy me Cheeto’s?
Kid 1: MOMMA! You HAVE to come look what Daddy got!
Me: Ok, I’m coming…..

(I followed her into the living room scared of what I might find)

Kid 1: Look! That nice policeman brought Daddy supper!

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