It's not like I'm gonna make 'em sleep on the floor…

I just want to remove anything that resembles a toy from their room! ALL OF IT!

I am so incredibly sick of the mess and clutter in there. I see rooms on tv all pink and pretty and painted with nick naks and baskets and made up beds and I want to scream. I have sharpie marker on the wall… wall stickers that “move” when I’m not looking (who knew Sam could reach that high) and most of my missing dish towels are under their bed (they use them as baby blankets.

I knew that giving kids tooooo much stuff would keep them from learning to respect and care for their stuff. I just didn’t know how to tell others to stop buying it, and in a childish attempt to show my kids that “we” were as cool as the “grandparents” we bought stuff too!!! We’ve put a huge slow down to that buggy a while back. I’ve cleaned so much junk out of there. But I can’t help feeling that it all needs to go. Just get rid of it all and make them learn to appreciate stuff.
I can’t even leave books in their room.

I just had to take one of their brand new toys away (a big Magnetix set) because they wouldn’t even sit on the floor with me and help me put the pieces in the box. I threatened to pack it up if they didn’t help and ~no surprise here~ no one noticed when I walked out of the room with it.

I’m not gonna strip their beds or take their favorite blanket–just the toys.

And Santa’s bringing them swiffer mops, pledge wipes, and rubber gloves…..

4 thoughts on “It's not like I'm gonna make 'em sleep on the floor…

  1. marye~ says:

    Okay! I’m with you on the mess! I’m seriously thinking of trying to fly with that mean ole organized Fly Lady again.
    I don’t think my kids respect their toys either. We are defiantly going to give some thing to the less fortunate. They are only getting 3 gift from us for Christmas too. I mean really they’re getting stuff from grandparents and Santa, surely they will have enough.
    Good luck!

  2. Sheila @ Dr says:

    Oh! I’m totally a fly lady woman! My husband thinks I’m a freak! “What’s that timer for?” he asks. “To remind me to stay on task!” I say!

    I’m with you. My kids don’t need more stuff. I’ve been totally in a cleaning mood this weekend!

  3. Laura says:

    Oh my gosh believe it or not I can so relate with the toy thing. My kids have too much and don’t really appreciate it as much as I think they should. Just today I had a bit of a freak out and threatened to take it all away. Sigh…they are up in their rooms cleaning it now because they know I just might head on up there with a big ole garbage bag!

  4. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I tried to do fly lady…rather, I went and read her site, probably on three different occasions. I always start feeling like a bad person because I have NO interest in getting dressed everyday ( I hate wearing shoes). My egg timer trick works well and LunaBlog has a great “I thought of it so now I have to do it” trick too!

    I’m venturing back into their room today (AAGGHHH) because last night I went in to check on them and my foot almost stuck to the floor, not sure what the heck it was but I’ll have to get the room cleaned before I can mop.

    I’m also considering removing the tv.

    Can we start a revolution to boycott stuffed animals?

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