Thank you Everyone!

Many thanks to the people that nominated my little blog for the Home School Blog Awards!
I really enjoy having a place where I can share my experiences and pass on all the wonderful resources I have found or been shown. I love home schooling. Making the decision to do this was the easiest and hardest thing I think I have ever done. When your following God’s will for your life it can often feel that way.
With the holidays arriving I have not been able to add all the wonderful things I wanted to add to this blog but it is progressing little by little. Thanks again to everyone for their love and support!
Happy Voting, and Best Wishes to the other candidates—check them out here!

One thought on “Thank you Everyone!

  1. Wendy says:

    Great article on socialization! I totally agree. My daughter has friends in school that are already concerned about their weight, they care more about Hannah Montana than caring for people the way Jesus did, their attitudes toward parents and other authority figures is terrible, and some of them are very hurtful to others making it difficult to learn anything (she is 7).
    Leaving kids to socialize themselves is not a good idea. My kids would never say anything rude to an adult, and they know how to handle a situation without violence and screaming. Just take a field trip with a homeschool group to a place where public school kids are also on a field trip, and see the difference. It is amazing! Our kids behave and always send thank cards to those in charge of the trip, a lost art. There is some great info in a book called You’re going to do what?? by Laura Jean Downs.
    One thing I was never taught in school was how to get along in the adult world, because the public school kept me sheltered from the real world, and as a result I floundered to figure out how to “act like an adult”. I hope to teach my kids how to be part of this world rather than a subset of it. We wonder why our kids are leaving home unprepared for life, gee maybe they don’t know what life is really like! My parents figure that since we went to school all day and did so much after school that we were learning what life was like, but that was not the case.
    Stepping off soapbox! Sorry, this is a sore spot with me, as my in-laws still think we are hurting our kids by not letting them be raised by other kids.

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