Are you actually considering homeschooling?

Well then WONDERFUL!!   

While cruising the nominee list for the Home School Blog Awards I came upon a blog who’s name speaks for itself, and it has been nominated as Best Curriculum Blog….  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it this morning

Why Homeschool

The four contributors (Henry, Janine, Derek and Grandma Cate) offer a lot of links to news stories, resources and more that deal with exploring why homeschooling can be a great option for families.

**They received a new and very tiny foster baby this weekend!!  Read about it here!**

2 thoughts on “Are you actually considering homeschooling?

  1. Wendy says:

    We had a five pound foster baby come to us 6 weeks after our middle child was born, and let me tell you they are tiny! It was odd seeing the little guy next to our then 9 pounder, and the foster baby never did catch up before moving on no matter how much we fed him. Prayers for that little baby, and the big family Mommy is taking care of. Wow, that is love!

  2. taderdoodles says:

    A few weeks ago when we though we were expecting “number 3” – one of the first questions everyone asked was
    “are you still going to homeschool?”
    now tell me why would being pregnant or having a new baby stop me?
    (the Why Homeschool Blog has a great Carnival that goes on with tons of information and links… I was reading it for over an hour!)

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