Snowflakes and Chemistry…. Kindergarten Crafting!

I needed a craft today, in the worst kind of way. Both my babies were under the weather and the oldest was frustrated by all of her normal school work. With all the cookie making and card making I really didn’t want to start a messy craft; but she needed something fun and creative to do while her little sister napped.
Here is what I found….”How to Grow a Borax Snowflake” by Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph. D.
Using pipe cleaners, borax, and boiling water you grow your own crystal snowflakes to keep all year long! We opted for the sugar recipe (since I was out of borax), so our snowflakes are going to be of a “rock candy” variety.
Sam and I discussed crystals, tasted the difference between salt and sugar, took the temperature of the boiling sugar mixture, and in a few days we should be able to enjoy the crystallized creations! This is where I’ll be inserting a few lessons on patience. I think once she sees something “growing” she’ll be more excited. She didn’t have much interest in watching the water boil until the bubbles showed up.
I must admit this was way cooler than trying to cut out paper snowflakes! Not to mention–cleaner. Sam uses scissors well; however her paper snowflakes still turn out looking more like big white squares with holes in it. It has also been a long time since “momma” licked sugar off her hands….now that was fun! **take note, momma knew better than to lick the salt, ha ha ha
There is another posting of this craft at Enchanted Learning , yet another of my favorite homeschooling resource sites. I’ll be back there tonight to print stuff for tomorrow.
We made Turkey Puppets for Thanksgiving, so I think tomorrow we might invest a little time making Reindeer puppets. One trick I’ve learned (mainly from the turkey puppets) is that unless momma is going to squirt the glue on every piece for every body, it really is best to put a little glue on a plate and let them use little paint brushes to apply the glue. My three year old really liked “painting” on the glue.
Crafting might be our main source of education this week. It hard to focus on book work when you’re not feeling well. I pray she never really catches on to all the sneaky ways I “teach” her things… like chemistry!
Thank you Mr. Cate for your invitation to participate in the Carnival of Homeschooling!

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  1. taderdoodles says:

    Anna-thanks for stopping by!
    I had switched my girls over to glue sticks, trying to reduce the massive rivers of glue that the two of them would create. Unfortunately, the glue sticks kept drying out (probably operator error), and I had to find a way to go back to regular school glue.
    If you don’t have paintbrushes, the little “spongy” paint brushes work well, or even just a little sponge or a q-tip.

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