"I Love You More"- Sammy's new favorite book!

I Love You More
I was recently given an opportunity to review a children’s book. I have some pretty strong opinions about children’s books, over some pretty silly things~like font, so I was excited to have an chance to share my thoughts on “I Love You More” by Laura Duksta. The book arrived last week, Thursday I think, and we immediately curled up on the couch to read.
This is quite possibly the sweetest, most ingenuitive children’s book I have read in a long time. It is about a little boy and his mommy and their discussion about how much they loved each other. Sammy was fascinated by the books “double” feature! You read the book, to the middle, about how much the little boy loves his mom. Then flip it over and read it from her perspective. We read it twice that day, again the next day, and when she asked to read it again I told her she would have to read it to me. To my surprise- she did read it! Almost all of it, entirely by herself! Sammy was so excited that she read it to her Daddy when he returned from work. He usually has no opinion on things like this, but this time he pulled on my sleeve when I walked by and said “hey, that was a really good book, where did you get it from?”
There are two points about this book that I absolutely love:
1. It helps my girls visualize my love. We talk about love all the time, how I love them, how Jesus loves them, how their Daddy loves them. I have taught them the “I love you thiiiiiiis much and this much too much” phrase I grew up with. But this book puts it into a child’s perspective, uses visual references that they can understand, for example:

“I love you longer than the longest lollipop ever lasted.”

2. As a homeschooling mom I am always looking for ways to teach… I now have an easy way to work on size adjectives with them. Tall, taller, tallest. Long, longer, longest. Loud, louder, loudest.
Jolene is only three, and while she enjoyed the story (the part of it she sat still for), her favorite was the illustrations (by Karen Kessler). The giraffe page caused an immediate halt in all reading while we recalled our trip to the zoo. Ms. Kessler had drawn her giraffe with his tongue sticking out. Jo immediately noticed and we had to discuss how “gross” momma had said the giraffe tongue was at the zoo. (It was pretty nasty, because the giraffe didn’t really lick you, he just kind of pressed his tongue into your hand so the food would stick to it… YUCK!) We also had wonderful conversations on the frog page!
You can find more information about Laura, Karen and this wonderful book here!
Oh, in case you’re wondering, the font is big and easy to read. My only problem with this book, is that we can’t stop reading it.

3 thoughts on “"I Love You More"- Sammy's new favorite book!

  1. Wendy says:

    I love those kinds of books also, but we don’t have that particular one. It is fun to read the books that bring back memories, but gee whiz sometimes it takes several hours just to get through one book by the time that we talk about the memories, look at pictures, draw something about it, and so on. Kids are such a source of joy and excitement! Keep the ideas coming! We are going to look into that book swap, boy could we use some new books to read around here without going to the germy library.

  2. Laura Duksta says:

    Wow…it’s pretty incredible finding our book popping up all over cyber-space. Thank you so much for sharing your and Sammy’s experience with our book. Please tell Miss Sammy that we are thrilled she is enjoying our book! It is doing exactly what it was meant to. The illustrations actually let your imagination or memories take you to different places and the message is strengthening the conversation and experience of love throughout your home! Our misson is to generate the conversation of love around the world and we appreciate your help sharing our book and it’s message with your family and with your world wide web community!
    Have a bright and blessed holiday season!
    Laura Duksta
    author, I Love You More
    Tell Sammy a special hello from Hippie and The Bald Chick 🙂
    ps…do you mind if I copy your review into our blog-of course I’ll put the link to your page.

  3. taderdoodles says:

    Wendy- I can not even tell you how many times we’ve read this now! And Sam gets upset if I start on the wrong side!
    Laura- Wow! having the author visit my page is sooo cool! Thanks for taking the time to read this! You may certainly include this in your blog. Sam has now taken reading this book a step further… she gets very dramatic… she giggles, gets louder, gets quieter, all while her sister does the action stuff (jumping, creeping, etc.)
    Thanks for writing such a great book! And thanks for sharing it with our family!

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