My budgeting stinks….

I can make one, I just can’t stick to it…

My buddies at the Mommy Auctions Blog have come up with a few tips to help me (and YOU) out this year…

Great Tips for Sticking to Your Budget This Christmas!

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Every year there are reports on the news about how deeply in debt people become every Christmas. It is possible to have a nice Christmas without maxing out the credit cards. Here are a few simple tips that could save you a bundle:

Make a list! Sit down and make a list of all the people you would like to give gifts. Once the list is made, stick to it. Decide how much to spend on each person and write it beside each name. Then when you go shopping there will be a price range for each gift. It will help avoid overspending. Even a dollar over expected spending can add up if there is a large shopping list.

Draw names! Many families, including my own, help cut back on holiday spending by drawing names. Each person in the family only shops for one other person whose name they have drawn. Instead of buying several gifts, even if they are inexpensive, each person can get one nicer gift. This makes shopping easier too. Instead of trying to fill a huge list, just take your time and focus on getting that “perfect” gift for just one person.

Shop ahead! This can help you get organized and be ready for Christmas long before it’s here. By doing this you can purchase Christmas gifts all year round, taking advantage of after Christmas sales, out of season and clearance sales. Go ahead and wrap and label the gifts. This helps keep people from seeing what was purchased and you won’t forget which gift was for whom. Make sure that you have good hiding places! more…

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