It just takes one..

Hubby and I dared to something crazy yesterday. We went Christmas shopping! Can I scream now?

I think we’re done, except for that one thing I have to return because I came home and found out my mom had already purchased one. I agreed to take mine back and get JoJo something else instead.

The stores weren’t too bad. They were busy, of course. But I didn’t have any run-ins with some crazy parent fighting and punching to get the last of something. I did feel bad for a grandma who picked up that new Fisher-Price T.M.X. Tickle Me Elmo. You know, the Elmo in a box! That Elmo doll was giggling all through the store. I don’t know if it had been turned on accidentally or what, but that lady couldn’t make it stop. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard Elmo giggle, but let me tell you it is unmistakable and you could hear him, from inside his box, for aisles!

We started out our day pretty happy go lucky. David had decided to build Sammy a doll house for Christmas (which he and I apparently found WAY COOLER than anyone else did, they all looked at us like we were crazy) and so we left the craft store with a bit of a skip in our step. We stopped in a few stores in the same strip mall, and then hopped in the car to head down the street to the LifeWay Book store to get Sammy Gigi, God’s Little Princess. I wasn’t in the car and out of the parking lot before some (*(#$&)$&#*& in a over sized SUV tried to run me down. My jolly Christmas Spirit was flying out my window and flying fast. I had another rushed driver nearly T-bone me as I approached the light, as they were pulling out of a Micky D’s. AGH!!!
I made it to the book store (barely) and was trying to get excited about going to Toys R Us… seeing as how my jolliness had been threatened twice in fifteen minutes.
As we sat at the intersection, with no stop light to aid the traffic, and dared to make a right hand turn on to the main road, I listened to my husband fuss over how bad the traffic was, and how NO ONE would let us in because there was no light, and….

and then.. someone did let us in. They stopped their vehicle in the middle of traffic and let us enter. It was like they had named me queen! I was so excited! I could feel their good cheer leaving their car and filling mine… I was once again jolly and happy to be out shopping. I turned the Christmas music back on, and turned it up.

It only takes one. It only takes one person, to smile, to hold the door, to let you into traffic, to totally change your day. It only takes one person, in one little seemingly tiny moment, to totally change another’s outlook. You will be that person today. So will I. The question is, are you going to make somebody’s day worse, or brighten it?

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