Let Ben be their teacher!

Benjamin Franklin
Teach Government to a Kindergartener? You’ve got to be kidding me! She doesn’t even understand the hierarchy of our home much less the state or federal government.
After browsing through my “What every Kindergartener needs to know” book again I realized that she only needed to know a few facts, not really understand the whole system of democracy. Who is our President? What does our flag look like? Phew! I really wasn’t that scholarly when it came to topics of government or politics so I was pretty happy to see I didn’t need to brush up on it quite yet.
A friend of mine on the Mommy Auctions forum had posted a question about finding some sites to help teach government to her home schooled kids. Always wanting to help I set about Googling to find her an answer. As usual, I stumbled upon a wonderful site!
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government, for kids ! (Yep, we’re talking about Ben Franklin here) It covers grades K-12. And it lists various U.S. Government Web Sites for kids.
It has printable and interactive online games: coloring pages, U.S. map puzzle, mazes and connect the dots. There are pages for “Our Nation”, “Our Government”, “Your Neighborhood” and a cute page on “Ben’s ABC’s” where Ben gives you information on words that start with each letter of the alphabet.
The U.S. Government web site list has links listed by agency or by subject. I sat down yesterday and did a CIA emblem puzzle online!
If you’re looking for a fun place, very kid friendly, to help add to your child’s study of U.S. Government make sure to check out Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government, for kids !

5 thoughts on “Let Ben be their teacher!

  1. Heather says:

    We find that discussions about why the kids have to wear seat-belts and other things often lead to discussions on how our government works and why. Also helpful are the Nest Entertainment Heroes collection which explain the beginning of our country–the kids love the biography of Geaorge Washington they have.
    My kids also love “We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States by David Catrow ” and “The Journey of the One and Only Declaration of Independence ” as well as “The Pledge of Allegiance” by Macarena Salas. I know there are a couple more they really like and get out of the library over and over.

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks again for the info on our government. My sweety now likes to show off her new found knowledge on the subject to anyone who will listen. She was telling me what exactly would happen to the Childhood Cancer Act now that it passed committee (with a hold) in the Senate, and she even discovered that if it becomes a law next year, we still have to fight for funding. It is amazing what she can learn. I am so glad that she got her Daddy’s smart brain.
    She is in 2nd grade, but in Kindy we just learned who the president was and our state reps. She learned about the history of the US flag and our Texas flag as well as who our community helpers are. Like Heather said alot of stuff comes up from everyday things like seat belts and stop signs.
    In a few years we are going to take her to watch the Texas Legislature in action, and they have field trips to watch the court system in action as well.

  3. taderdoodles says:

    Sammy got a quick lesson in our fine State Troopers when I got pulled over IN OUR FRONT YARD…. I couldn’t believe it… but at least now she knows I mean it when I tell her to hush so I can drive “or the policeman will pull momma over and give her a ticket!”
    Thanks for the great book recommendations Heather!
    Wendy, I’m glad she liked the site. Sam and I have talked about the President, and some former Presidents (mainly the ones on the money), but I’d have to brush up on my state reps. We do the US Flag with Awanas.
    Thanks so much ladies for visiting! and taking the time to share!

  4. Wendy says:

    You know there are probably less costly ways to teacher her about the Troopers, ya think lol?. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  5. taderdoodles says:

    Thanks Wendy, much love to you too! LOL
    It was just embarrassing to have my hubby walk out the back door of the house, come to the car, get his supper (that I was bringing home to him), and just hang is head and walk away.
    That reminds me… I better call the courthouse!

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