I sent 400 grains of rice to the hungry this morning!

I am a totally disorganized blogger friend. I have rss feeds in about fifteen different places, so it takes me all week to remember where everybody is and check them out. Today was Bloglines day and after reading two of my favorite mom blogs After a cup of coffee …or two and Life Moments..one picture at a time I browsed through another of my favs: New Urban Legends from Scopes.com.

I scrolled through the typical stuff until I stumbled upon this:

Free Rice

By snopes@snopes.com

Play an online game that improves your vocabulary as every right answer results in food being donated to the needy.”

So I went to check it out…. seems there really is a site giving away rice to the hungry every time you play their vocabulary game! How cool is that!

So….. having a little time on my hands (the girls aren’t awake yet and I still have coffee) and desperately needing to stimulate my brain with something other than cartoons I ventured over and played the game.

Surprise surprise, I either guess really really well or I’m smarter than I thought I am. I earned a vocabulary level of 33 and donated 400 grains of rice. If the graphics are actual representations of rice, it appears I donated four bowls.

If you get a moment today, and feel the need for a challenge (these words are odd, I’ll warn you now) stop by and check out Free Rice.com . Come back here and post your score! Share with us how much rice you donated!

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2 thoughts on “I sent 400 grains of rice to the hungry this morning!

  1. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    CarpeDM…I got your comment right after my in laws walked out the door with my kids. I’m home alone and waiting for supper to cook so I played again! I made it to 600 before I quit! This is like brain food!

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