Quarters to States to Aviation to Tornadoes….

I guess today’s lessons went pretty well. What started out with a simple observation on a quarter ended up with a lesson on tornadoes….or as JoJo calls them–TorMayToes
Here’s how it started:
Sam finds a quarter, and informs me that there is a guy walking past a house on the back of it. I stop what I’m doing and investigate the quarter to find that it is one of those fancy state quarters with North Carolina on the back. I explain that the picture is of an airplane, the first motorized one, and the man is one of the Wright Brothers. We talked about how it happened in Kitty Hawk, NC and that momma had been there on Kill Devil Hill and that maybe Daddy could take us there one summer. (she wasn’t done with me)
Next, I took out our old faithful New Book of Knowledge and look up the Wright Brothers, which led us to aviation, and right there in the book was the same picture that was on the quarter! She thought that was awesome! (but she still wasn’t done with me yet)
So I went back to the book of “W” to see if the Wright Brother’s section had anything fun to read about (it was lacking in the picture department) and on my way back to their page Sammy noticed a picture of lightening-appropriately shown under the “weather” page.
That’s when she saw it, the picture of a tornado, and that was the end of special quarters, North Carolina, and those two Wright Brothers. Jo joined the conversation at this point and I skimmed through the book trying to find tornado information that wasn’t totally over her head.
Now I’m spending time finding online sites that will tell her more. She is more than a little miffed that the program we put on her computer talks about weather but NOT about tornadoes… so the search goes on…
Here’s what I found… we should have a lot of fun with this:
National Weather Service-Playtime for Kids
Web Weather for Kids
National Geographic Kids-Storm Chasers
Weather Wiz Kids
Scholastic Weather Watch
FEMA for Kids: Tornadoes
At least three of these sites all had the same “Tornado in a Jar” experiment so we gave it a try…It’s been over 1/2 hour and they are still playing with them. Sam figured out how to get it to work first. I realized about ten minutes ago that if you hold your jar up to the window (or a light) after you spin it you can see the “tornado” better.
Right this very minute, Sam is running through the house yelling “Hide, Hide, get the children, get the pillows, a twister is coming!”
Man, Homeschooling is SO MUCH FUN! (some days at least)
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3 thoughts on “Quarters to States to Aviation to Tornadoes….

  1. Heather says:

    Wooohooo!!! Go you. Those little questions lead to LONG answers and lots of fun learning where they don’t even know they are getting it. 🙂

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  3. taderdoodles says:

    Yeah! I was feeling the need to have some “proof” of doing something… and low and behold my in laws called and asked if they could come get the girls for a little while…. they weren’t two feet in the door when Sam and Jo ran in the room with their “Twister Jars” spinning them and rattling off tornado facts left and right. I guess we learned something today!
    Oh, spending two hours under a pretend “Tornado Warning” while the girls run back and forth between the rooms “saving the children (Barbies)” was exhausting… beware of side effects!

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