Taking Tornadoes to the Craft Table

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With the house being pretty much clean, I decided today we would be a little more laid back. It’s Friday which is a special day, because Friday means Daddy can stay up late and play, and he’ll be home when we wake up in the morning.
After reading “I Am Responsible” last night, Sammy apparently had a slight change of heart and went about brushing her hair and her teeth without being told. She also fed the cat and dog and fussed at me for making her bed when that was her job. (I didn’t tell her it was her job, apparently the book did) I had to do a few things to get read to take Christmas pictures, so I sat the girls down at the craft table with some printer paper and asked them to draw me some tornado pictures.
Here’s what I got in return:
Samantha’s Tornado (with a pig)
Sam's Tornado
Jolene’s Tormaydo (with a rat, and I think it’s a cow…not positive)–that’s not a typo…that’s what she calls it A Tor-May-Do
Jo's Tornado
Then Sammy made me a Christmas Card, here’s the front:
Merry Christmas Mom
and here’s the inside:
Inside of Sam's Card
Down the left it is supposed to say something about being on Santa’s good list, and the other side is something about watching out for Santa…
and then Jo colored me another rat, or maybe it was another cow… again, I’m not sure. I asked, but her answer kept changing:
Jo's Rat Cow
Jolene watched in amazement as I scanned her drawing and put it on the computer. She thought that was the coolest thing ever!
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4 thoughts on “Taking Tornadoes to the Craft Table

  1. Wendy says:

    Aww, the Christmas card is so cute! That is awesome writing for a Kindergartener. All of the drawings are priceless. I need a scanner, that would save me alot of space in my kiddos drawings. Ok, that is now on my list of things to get when I can afford it.

  2. taderdoodles says:

    That’s good writing! Oh my, she can do SO much better than that when she slows down. She keeps trying to “link” the letters like cursive but isn’t quite sure she wants to actually learn to write cursive.
    I think scanning the pictures and stuff is really going to give Jo some incentive to do some work. She really really liked it.

  3. taderdoodles says:

    It’s the “Best Me I Can Be” Set from Scholastic. ISBN 0-439-68323-8, I went searching for them in my amazon store and while they don’t have them new, they do have some used for mere pennies a book (there are six or seven in the set).

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