I can't resist…laughing at keywords!

Okay, I couldn’t resist…. this is the list of keywords that pulled up my blog…

I want to meet some of these people! (P.S. thanks for checking me out though!)

creativity quiz
am i a good wife quiz
creativity and clutter
clean christmas funnies
2 busy 2 clean
advent wreath gif
goofing quilling
how to get wife to clean
sparkling christmas wreath gif
roll call stickers
toliet seat warmer walmart
keep toilet seat clean
funky stuff for bedrooms
use it or lose it rule clutter
lowes padded toilet seats
toilet seat wreath
door organizer
over door organizer pattern
i am a bad wife
how to get your wife to clean the house
tank cleaning tough green stuff
pants pee trailer
clean cool videos for a friday
life is too busy to clean your own home
car cleaning busy moms
jeff dunham quiz
craft about snowmen pee
how to get wife to clean house
organize craft room
mommy auctions
cant get wife to clean house
how to get your wife to clean
padded toilet seats
am i a bad teacher
motivation to clean house
clean microwave popcorn
poem – it’s a mess i’m busy playing with my kids
my house is for sale but they say it is funky!!
lizard sandwich
advent wreath gif for blog
how to make bon bons with a toilet roll
why am i a bad wife
i’ll play with my children instead of cleaning poem
god happy face
need more traffic
craft bonbons
mom’s rules clean your own messes
christmas feeling blog
check out my bstore
family or money check out my bstore
wife won’t clean the house
advent wreath for blogger
what kind of mom am i going to be quizzes
clean and organizing
wife won’t clean
organising my small craft room
mom’s cleaning rules poem
microwave popcorn snowman
organising my craft stuff
i pee my pants in my spare time
funky christmas bon bons
blogger advent wreaths
two pots of coffee a day
santa too busy poem
funky baseboards

Thank you to everyone that has ever visiting my blog…..
I hope you found something helpful…
and I hope none of the bolded items above were from my husband!

2 thoughts on “I can't resist…laughing at keywords!

  1. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I’m curious… are there any women searching…

    “how to get my man to take out the trash”

    “how to get my man to do the dishes”

    “why men won’t clean”

    hee hee hee

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