Where did all the money go?

I’m so tired of hearing this from my husband. Especially when my gut reaction is to point out all the junk he blows money on, all the while ignoring that my little $5 trips to the dollar store add up as well. I reinstalled my favorite financing software about two weeks ago. I won’t mention names, because I can’t stand the company that made it but it’s the only thing that does what I need it to do even if I only utilize about 20% of it’s functions. It’s software I purchased in 2002. It still works, and I still get to download my bank info into it, making it easy to balance the check book. I spent the better part of last night putting categories on each transaction from the past 4 months. This would have been a tad easier if I could remember if that $200 blown at “big name store” was for groceries, toys, or clothes. I tried to make best guesses based on dates. Anything in early August was probably school clothes and supplies. The trip mid September and mid October was probably for the girls birthdays. Hmmm… this is accurate huh!

How to Stop Wasting Money

I noticed a small black hole in the budget while I was categorizing things. It is small, but a hole none the less. Honey and I tend to pick up inexpensive items on the spur of the moment. Grab a movie from the rack when you stopped at the store just to get milk ($15-20 gone!). Buying things from the dollar store or other small discount stores, like $1 toys or coloring books, that we could totally do without. The impulse buying at the register is killing us! For example, we went to “big name store” the other night and I had gone prepared with my LIST! There was, maybe, 15 things on the list. Most of which were needed for supper or to finish my hand crafted Christmas gifts. One of the things on my list was a bag of cookie dough, the kind where you just add egg. (They are awesome btw!) I was going to get ONE bag of the chocolate chip for the girls. I had a bag of sugar cookies at home to make for my mom. Hubby walks up behind me and says “the peanut butter ones were GOOOOOD”. Hinting that the guys at work liked the cookies and I should send some more. Next thing I know I’m putting two bags of peanut butter in the cart, a chocolate chip and another sugar cookie bag. It’s like I started to panic thinking there wouldn’t be enough cookies. Ummm, not my job to provide all his co workers with cookies. I did it once, that should be enough.

I’m thinking that if I avoid the dollar store, don’t take hubby shopping, and ignore everything at the front register I might fare better in the finance department. Something has to change, and soon….